Crystal lamp - Rose Quartz 8

Rose quartz, or pink quartz, is a tender and nurturing crystal renowned for its profound well-being and spiritual advantages. It is treasured for its capacity to stimulate emotional healing, fostering self-love and compassion. Thought to activate the heart chakra rose quartz facilitates the release of emotional scars, promoting forgiveness and inner serenity. It also holds associations with enhanced circulation and skin health.

On a spiritual plane, rose quartz is highly esteemed for its ability to draw love from others and within. It is employed in meditation to deepen connections with the heart, making it an invaluable instrument for emotional and spiritual development. This delicate crystal’s combination of self-love, emotional healing, and spiritual connection renders it a beloved gem for those pursuing love, inner equilibrium, and healing.

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 11 cm


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Crystal Lamp – Rose Quartz


This meticulously handcrafted lamp, crafted from driftwood and hand-picked rose quartz crystals, harmoniously fuses nature’s innate beauty with its enchanting radiance. This one-of-a-kind creation is meticulously designed to imbue your living area with the serene atmosphere of a woodland, simultaneously introducing a touch of enchantment.* Aged, sealed and varnished driftwood with citrine crystals
* 12V Dimmer On/Off switch with a 1.8m lead
* Gorgeous soothing orange

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