Custom Iron Pipe Lamp – Desire


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This handsome hand-built iron pipe lamp has a timeless elegance that will add a great vibe to your surroundings and is perfect as a unique gift for someone special or a favourite nook in your home. The lamp meets the highest safety and quality standards, being fully tagged and tested to Australian standards. It is equipped with a generous 1.8m power cord, offering flexibility in placement throughout your space. Additionally, the cord features a brass strain relief with an inline switch, ensuring ease of use and adding to the lamp’s overall aesthetic appeal.

This exquisite, hand-crafted iron pipe lamp radiates timeless elegance, destined to enhance the ambience of any space it graces. Its unique charm makes it an ideal gift for someone special, offering a touch of uniqueness that’s both personal and thoughtful. Alternatively, it is a splendid addition to your home, perfect for illuminating a cherished nook or corner with its warm, inviting glow.

The foundation of this distinctive lamp is crafted from highly polished Merbau wood, known for its durability and deep, rich tones. This choice of material ensures stability and adds a natural, sophisticated flair to the lamp’s overall aesthetic. The lamp’s structure is formed from black iron pipes, meticulously assembled by hand to create a sturdy yet stylish frame. Complemented by brass fittings, these elements together contribute to the lamp’s stunning appearance, striking a fine balance between industrial chic and elegant design.

The gorgeous LED globe included is the heart of this lamp’s allure. This energy-efficient bulb is designed to last an impressive 50,000 hours, ensuring that the lamp remains a long-lasting light source in your home. Its warm, ambient light is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for reading, relaxing, or simply adding a soft glow to your environment.

A top-quality British solid brass lamp holder adds a touch of classic elegance to the lamp. This component enhances the lamp’s visual appeal and signifies the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into its creation.

In summary, this hand-built iron pipe lamp is more than just a light source; it’s a piece of art that brings elegance, warmth, and character to any setting. Its combination of high-quality materials, energy efficiency, and exquisite craftsmanship make it a standout piece that’s both beautiful and practical.

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