Custom Designs

The best and most exciting part of building lamps is the vast array of recycled and upcycled components that can be repurposed.

Not only can I adapt existing designs of my lamps, but I will work with you to create your custom design!

Motoring accessories, with their rugged and industrial charm, can be repurposed into striking lamp designs. Vintage car parts, such as gears, springs, and hubcaps, provide exciting shapes and textures that can become the focal point of a lamp. With some creativity, these automotive relics can be transformed into functional art pieces, perfect for car enthusiasts or anyone appreciating a touch of industrial flair.

Bottles of all shapes, sizes, and colours offer another avenue for custom lamp designs. Spirit and wine bottles can be elegantly transformed into table lamps, while colourful glass bottles can become eye-catching pendant lights. LED lights can enhance the bottle’s colour and create a mesmerising glow, adding a warm and inviting ambience to any space.

Vintage wares offer a treasure trove of possibilities for lamp designs. Old cameras, typewriters, or musical instruments can be repurposed, preserving their historical charm while giving them a new lease on life as functional lamps. These pieces can serve as nostalgic decor, sparking conversations and reminiscences.

Military collectables provide a unique and bold option for custom lamp designs. Items such as old helmets, canteens, or binoculars can be transformed into lamps that honour history and serve as a tribute to the bravery of servicemen and women.

Family treasures passed down through generations can be incorporated into custom lamp designs, ensuring that these cherished items remain a part of daily life. Whether it’s a grandmother’s coal iron or a father’s favourite tool, these personal items can be thoughtfully integrated into a lamp design, creating a meaningful and sentimental piece.

Contact me to discuss your custom lamp!

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